TGA wholly embraces their commitment to sustainable yet functional design and construction at every opportunity; encouraging clients to consider environmentally friendly building products and growth focused practices.


With over a hundred top class professionals on staff, including estimators, site supervisors, engineers, accountants and more, our in-house construction operation enables us to keep a tight control on costs, timelines and quality.


TGA has developed a progressive team that thrives on meeting the evolving challenges of the construction industry. This forward thinking group has created innovative ways to deliver sustainability and affordability, while remaining true to its enduring commitment to quality.


We provide custom systems built end to end that can be easily implemented to include all aspects of your current business process. Let us take your vision for the future and build towards it now.


A collaborative vision of design is crucial in aligning the needs for architecture , waterproofing and landscaping. Whether it be new construction or maintenance and repairs, we pride ourselves in round table solutions that are innovative, efficient and effective.